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How Social Media has Influenced Design & Decorating

Categories: News, Tips, Uncategorized | Posted: June 24, 2015

In recent years, the home design and decor industry has grown into one of the largest DIY sectors; and social media has played a vital role in generating this growth.

Social media has undisputedly changed the home design and decor industry. Websites like Pinterest & Houzz are being used by DIY homeowners and professional designers alike, offering global access to free resources, and allowing searchers to tap into amazing talent through social media conversations and groups.

Pinterest has revolutionized the DIY idea market and its influence on home decor.

In fact, most of the popular home decor sites in the U.S. receive maximum referrals through Pinterest. And the Houzz website brings dozens of different styles of architecture right in your living room. From a simple DIY idea for your garage, to designing your entire apartment, Houzz has it all.

Social media is influencing our dream homes by changing the way we dream about them! For starters, social media has kindled an interest in aesthetics and design. Social media, and its tools, let them experiment with colors, patterns and finishes. These sites have become THE place for people to draw inspiration and find ways to make their homes a manifestation of their personality.

Professional designers, decorators and vendors appreciate the effects of social media, too. They get better interactions using social media, and that feedback can be used to develop new products and services. They can reach out to people in ways they never thought of before and access their knowledge.

Head on over to our Pinterest and Houzz pages to see how we’re riding along with the new trend in home design and decorating. Maybe you’ll even pull some inspiration from our model homes!


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